Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Patchogue Theatre?

The Incorporated Village of Patchogue owns the historic Patchogue Theatre venue.

How were the purchase, restoration and renovation of the Theatre financed?

The Theatre was purchased for Patchogue Village through loans from three local businessmen: Bill Knapp, Rick Rose and Artie Fuccillo. The Village paid for the restoration and renovation with 15-year municipal bonds, grants, donations and through the work of dedicated volunteers. The most recent renovation work took place in the winter of 2016 and was financed by grants and a generous donation from a private benefactor.

What is the story behind the renovation and restoration of Patchogue Theatre?

Patchogue Theatre stood vacant and abandoned for many years until 1998. Much of the original décor had been preserved under the drywall, wallpaper and plywood, which had been installed in the 1970s when the original theater was converted into a movie house. The full stage and orchestra pit were still intact, as were the stage-side Juliet balconies. Patchogue Village took title to the building and made the investment in restoring the Main House. A custom chandelier was crafted and imported from Valencia, Spain and period cast iron seats were procured from Shubert’s Imperial Theatre on Broadway. Since 2004, the Theatre has maintained a state-of-the-art world-class sound system and Broadway lighting and rigging. New, more spacious seating with better sightlines was installed by McHugh Institutional Furnishings in the winter of 2016. The new seats made their debut that spring at Patchogue Theatre’s first show back on April 2 featuring The Chapin Family. To show your support and sponsor a seat, please visit for more information.

Who operates Patchogue Theatre?

The Patchogue Village Center for the Performing Arts, Inc. (d/b/a Patchogue Theatre for the Performing Arts) manages, operates and maintains Patchogue Theatre as a venue for the performing arts.

What is the Patchogue Village Center for the Performing Arts, Inc.?

The Patchogue Village Center for the Performing Arts, Inc. is a public-benefit nonprofit corporation, tax exempt under §501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. Members of the Board of Directors are unpaid volunteers responsible for managing, operating and maintaining Patchogue Theatre. The Patchogue Village Center for the Performing Arts, Inc. as a tenant has a long-term lease with the Incorporated Village of Patchogue and pays rent to the Village from its operating revenues.

The Patchogue Village Center for the Performing Arts, Inc. is subject to regulation by the New York State Attorney General. The books, records and accounting system of Patchogue Theatre for the Performing Arts are audited each year by an independent auditing firm. This audit report is filed with the State of New York in accordance with its regulations governing public-benefit nonprofit corporations.

Does the Incorporated Village of Patchogue have anything to do with the operation and management of Patchogue Theatre?

No, the Board of Directors of Patchogue Theatre for the Performing Arts manage and operate Patchogue Theatre as a venue without any financial support from the Village.

What is the mission of Patchogue Theatre for the Performing Arts?

The Patchogue Village Center for the Performing Arts, Inc. seeks to preserve one of Long Island’s historic landmarks as a leading cultural Theatre by presenting a broad spectrum of national and international performing artists as well as providing a home for the gifted and talented members of the local and regional community.

How is Patchogue Theatre for the Performing Arts fulfilling its mission?

The Board of Directors, its dedicated small staff and a large group of 90+ volunteers work together to provide all manner of needed support for events at Patchogue Theatre. When the Theatre reopened in the late 1990s, Long Island’s facilities for the performing arts were for the most part limited to the auditoriums of local colleges, municipal halls, public schools, and regional playhouses with seating capacities of less than 500. Patchogue Theatre for the Performing Arts offers performers a high-profile, high quality venue and the most advanced technical equipment required for most professional stage productions. The art deco lobby serves as an independent “venue within a venue.” Live in the Lobby, The New Musicals Project and now Library in the Lobby are events that take advantage of our intimate lobby setting.

How much is Patchogue Theatre actually utilized?

There are only three full-time salaried positions: the Executive Director, General Manager and Public Relations & Marketing Manager. The Executive Director and General Manager make the daily management decisions necessary to keep Patchogue Theatre operating and represent the Theatre in negotiations with producers, production companies and performers. The Director is responsible for all the details of contracts and other agreements associated with performances at Patchogue Theatre. The General Manager, formally of Lincoln Center in Manhattan, also manages the building, schedules, employees and volunteers. The Public Relations & Marketing Manager is responsible for promoting all events at Patchogue Theatre by developing strategic marketing plans that include both advertising and publicity components, facilitating relationships with the local press to garner media coverage of the Theatre and its events, and managing the Theatre’s website and social media accounts. A number of part-time employees, expert consultants and a large group of enthusiastic volunteers help make Patchogue Theatre a truly professional venue.