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Blackmore's Night

Medieval Folk-Rock Troubadours

Blackmore's Night

Legendary guitarist formerly of Deep Purple and Rainbow, Ritchie Blackmore, and award winning vocalist Candice Night are creating a new genre of music for all ages, a new genre, inspired by many melodies of the Renaissance period, and Blackmoreized into contemporary music. They call it Renaissance/Folk/Rock. This is the sound of Blackmore’s Night.

In 1997, Blackmore’s Night released their debut CD, Shadow of the Moon, which immediately went gold in Japan and earned awards worldwide. Meanwhile, their devoted fan base is growing exponentially as the band has created a genre of music for all ages. From grandparents to children, everyone is their medieval mood music and gypsy dances, clearly the music of Blackmore’s Night connects with fans on a deep level, allowing them to experience an entirely different era of merriment.

At the helm of this band, is award winning lyricist and vocalist, Candice Night, who not only contributes her unique, entrancing vocals, but deftly navigates seven medieval woodwinds, including chanters, shawms, pennywhistles and recorders. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee and celebrated guitarist, Ritchie Blackmore, who traverses between acoustic and electric guitar, mandolin, mandola and hurdy gurdy. Further enhancing the band’s inspired sound are keyboardist/back-up vocalist Bard David, Violinist, Scarlett Fiddler, back up vocalist/rhythm guitar, Lady Jessie , bassist/rhythmic guitarist Earl Grey, and percussionist Troubadour of Aberdeen. With lyrics penned by Night, the collective embraces the aura of the old world inn, from madrigals and ballads to good old fashioned Renaissance-inspired pub songs.

Additionally, every one of Blackmore’s Night’s studio CD (11 in total) has debuted in the top 2 of the Billboard charts, many of which enered or remained at the number 1 spot. They have earned Awards such as “Best Album of the Year” “Best Vocal Album of the Year” and their sold-out concerts in castles and UNESCO sites worldwide are filled with thousands of fans dressed in Renaissance garb, dancing and singing as if time stood still. No clocks…no pressure…just the gaiety and camaraderie of medieval pub. Everyone joins in and loses their stress in the music.

Grab your tambourine or your tankard of ale, and sing and dance with Blackmore’s Night “Under a Violet Moon.” Join them as they transport you back in time to a magical evening where their music will enter your heart and soul.

2022 marks the official 25th Anniversary of Blackmore’s Night.

Support Act: Wizard’s Consort


Friday, Nov 18


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