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Friday, Jan 25 at 8:00 PM

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$25.00 - $55.00 plus fee


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The Greatest 1960’s Musical Re-Creation Show in the World!

The Sixties Show is from NYC and is The Greatest 1960’s Musical  Re-Creation Show in the World. The band features former members of Bob Dylan’s,  James Brown’s, Ray and Dave Davies {The Kinks} NBC TV’s Saturday Night Live  bands.

The show is a cross generational crowd pleaser and the band is widely celebrated and known for re-creating spot on, note for note re-creations of the hits, B-sides and deep album cuts from the greatest songs of the 1960’s.

At a Sixties Show performance you will take a trip back to another time and place that was the 1960’s, where an AM radio is blasting out the latest sounds from a convertible, on a warm summer starlit Saturday night on any street USA. You can revisit or encounter for the first time the feeling of that unforgettable era in time that were heady days of the 1960’s with The Sixties Show. You will experience the stripped down pulsating 2 guitars, bass, drum and vocal harmony laden British invasion type pop explosions up to the pivotal transition of late 60’s orchestrated blasts of harmonious rapture. The Sixties Show through their electrifying performances will transport you back to the 1960’s by meticulously recreating and celebrating the sights and sounds of that period.

         - All of the music is performed live, with no samples, backing tracks or prerecorded music of any kind.
         - The band uses a state of the art sound system but, only plays authentic 1960’s period vintage and re issue         
          vintage gear and instrumentation just like original artist’s and original recordings. This combined with genuine
          1960’s mod costumes that the band wears only adds to the meticulous detail and authenticity of this popular
          and powerful theater show.
          - In addition to the concert experience, the show is also powerfully dramatized by a combination of narration  
          and 60’s archival audio and newsreel footage. The Sixties Show is a high energy trip back in time,   that reminds
          the audience how uniquely inspirational, entertaining, and historically significant the music of the 1960’s was
          and continues to be.

The members of The Sixties Show were hand-picked to perform and record with with Sir Paul McCartney, The Beach Boys, Brian Wilson, The Bee Gees, Mick Jagger, Bruce Springsteen and other legends and individually have performed at the most renown venues in the world such a Madison Square Garden, The Hollywood Bowl, Wembley Stadium, The Grand Rex in Paris, The Budokan in Tokyo and others.



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