Monsters of Rock: 30th Anniversary Concert

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Saturday, Sep 29 at 8:00 PM

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$20.00 - $35.00 plus fee


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Rewind And Take A Trip Back To 1988 With One of the Greatest Rock Tours Ever!

Featuring Van Hagar (as VAN HALEN), Blackout (as SCORPIONS), Mr. Scary (as DOKKEN) and Damage Inc. (as METALLICA)

The original Monsters of Rock Tour with Van Halen, Metallica, Scorpions, Dokken, and Kingdom Come took the country by storm 30 years ago this past May. The tour brought together some of the greatest hard rock and heavy metal bands of that era for a day-long rock 'n' roll celebration; an era when heavy metal reigned supreme and the hair & sound were bigger. Whether you were there for it or not, relive one of the greatest rock tours ever live on stage once again!


Formed in 2015, Van Hagar started as something else entirely. The possibility of playing a few Sammy Hagar era Van Halen songs morphed into the full on tribute you see here. With the over abundance of David Lee Roth Van Halen tributes, the members of Van Hagar recognized an untapped market. This era of Van Halen produced more hits, RIAA Awards and sold out tours then the Roth era up to that point. Van Hagar brings you all the hits that made this band one of the biggest acts of their time. Faithfully reproduced and executed with precision.


Five Long Island Musicians got together and decided to pay tribute to German rockers, Scorpions. Realizing that Scorpions music spans a few generations and so many fans across the world, it was easy to make the decision to get this project off the ground. Getting the sound right wasn’t easy at first, but the band feels like they have honed in on the sounds and presence that has brought Scorpions fans out of their seats for decades.

Blackout has played shows throughout the tri-state area from small bars to large clubs and even has had the honor of playing to a festival crowd on the Island of Trinidad for their famous Hallowfest. This band never wants to leave the crowd disappointed and thrives in the spotlight. When you see how much fun they have on stage together, it really brings out the best in these guys. From “Animal Magnetism” to “Hurricane” to “The Zoo” and everything in between, this is a band you will want to see again and again!


Mr. Scary is has been playing the Long Island club circuit for a number of years. Based on the unique guitar style of George Lynch, they wow the crowd with favorites from Dokken as well as Lynch Mob. There have been a few changes to the band over the years, but the latest lineup has been together since the spring of 2017 and has found a great chemistry. The guys all love the music they are playing and it shows through the way they present it on stage. The desire to bring a show along with the sounds is important to Mr. Scary and when you come to see them play, they want the crowd to be engaged and involved.


Damage Inc. is a Metallica tribute act based out of Long Island. Recreating the tireless energy of the kings of thrash and playing each note with precision. This band wants you to know you’ve seen them play and they will make sure you want to come back for more. Playing through all phases of Metallica and always expanding the catalog, because Damage Inc. wants you to always be on your toes.

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